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Around is a social network for better shopping with new pleasant experience. Enjoy having whatever you are thinking.

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Around is a social network for better shopping and a business database offering different novel information technology possibilities to the users so that they can simply have an unique shopping experience through their friends viewpoints. Customers often spend a lot of time to find their desired store path. Based on researchers, 50% of the people are in trouble to find the path when going to the hospital. Passengers are also have problems to find their path in airports or terminals and sometimes miss their flights and travels because of the loss of time. On the other hand, complexity of events and exhibitions paper maps makes routing the booth difficult. Furthermore, in stadiums and tourist places it takes a long time to find the path. Using sensors and predesigned indoor maps, Around app guides users in routing their locations so that they can lead to their own goals in the shortest time. Users can simply lead to their desired business through predesigned map after they refer to the location page and click on its indoor map. This possibility is most applicable in exhibitions, airports, hotels and tourist places. After registration in Around app, a personal page will assigned to the user so that he/she can access to many possibilities and information such as signing his/her business, viewing messages and businesses photos, finding friends, list of favorite businesses and the credit bag facilities. Users can save a significant credit through activity in the app or observing the ads. They are also able to spend their credits through the discounts and purchasing from the businesses signed in Around app. Businesses can apply for the deposit from credit management section after they receive credit from users.

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