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Around is a social network for better shopping with new pleasant experience. Enjoy having whatever you are thinking.

You have either ios or android device you are just a click away.

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How to use?

Around is a social network committed to connecting people, and bridging the blurred line separating the digital and physical world. We aim to brighten people’s lives by renewing the way we engage with the world Around us.

Navigate the Plans Around You

  • Choose the mood you’re in to discover the countless plans happening nearby, all of which suit your current state of mind
  • Organize plans with friends or new people with the help of personalized recommendations, reviews and in-app messaging
  • Filter the search to make sure you’re only looking at convenient plans
  • Choose who you want to show your plans to; everyone, friends, groups or private

Enjoy an Optimized Shopping Experience

  • Activate your Bluetooth to receive ‘Winks’ with relevant promotions happening Around you
  • Only receive sales & discounts when you’re near the store or shop promoting
  • Immerse yourself at museums, parks and zoos by combining the physical scenery with personalized games, quests & content on your digital device

Find Your Way Around Large Venues

  • Use our smart & precise indoor mapping system to find the quickest way in, out and about different venues
  • Save time at airports, hospitals or large shopping malls by following the most efficient route to your flight, appointment or favorite store

Businesses Can Reach Out to People Around Them

  • Use Around’s iBeacon technology to reach customers when they are most likely to carry out a purchase
  • Offer novel promotions and personalized discounts through proximity marketing
  • Filter who you reach out to by designing your desired customer demographics

Earn Credits to Spend on Businesses Around You

  • Receive credits by simply watching ads, checking in at places and leaving reviews
  • Credits can be spent in any business registered at Around
  • We give half of our revenue from advertisement back to users, so you can treat yourself at your favorite stores

Discover the People Around You

  • Share your plans, explore different places through friend’s view points and stay up to date with what people Around you are doing
  • Add pictures and posts to your profile to share them with friends

Contact Us

Our supporters are also around you. Get in touch and be along with us.